Processed foods – bad for your diet, bad for your health   


Over the past decades, the obesity epidemic has spread throughout the Western world and the best researchers have been recruited to find the cause of one of the most severe and persistent epidemics known to mankind.

Alongside various factors related to our modern way of living, many researchers have pointed the finger at industrial and processed food. In the following article we will discuss all the factors in which processed food is one of the biggest obstacles between you and healthy living. Read on.


Bread factory surveillance

Tastes better, much fatter


It’s no secret that the microwave meals and fast foods, contain a higher proportion of fats, calories and sugars or salts. Our taste system is built in such a way that we need to love the sweet taste. Because in times when food was not as abundant and easy to obtain as it is today, the sweet taste was evidence that the food we ate contained carbohydrates. This is also true of our natural preference for foods that contain high fat.

In light of this, food manufacturers are doing everything in their power to produce foods that have stronger flavours, that contain a higher percentage of fat. After a period of consuming mostly processed foods, plain home-made foods become tasteless and, as a result, a false desire for nourishing foods develops.

The advantage of home-made meals


Only when you prepare food yourself can you control not only the type of ingredients you put into the food, but also the amounts of the various ingredients. This way you can be in control the preparation process, choose to use low-fat cheeses instead of fatty cheeses, choose to use olive oil instead of corn oil and so on.

Moreover, the processed foods that come in carton or plastic packages usually cause the consumer to eat beyond his needs, because many of us cannot help but finish the whole meal.

When preparing food at home, it is possible to divide the portions as we see fit and not to give in to the dictates of the food corporations, which from year to year only increase the volume of their products, gradually but continuously.


Chef at work cooking pasta

Reduce availability


Beyond all this, processed food is more readily available food that is very easy to prepare. So, less energy is invested in preparing the food, and in the end, less energy translates into our eating behavior.

Be sure that when preparing your own food, you will enjoy it more during the meal than the food you purchase from a manufacturer. As a result, you will eat slowly and pay more attention to your eating habits.

Volume of vegetables in the daily menu


When you want to lose weight, it is very important to increase the amount of vegetables on the menu, because vegetables contain very rich in fibres on one hand but do not contain high amounts of calories, sugars or fats on the other hand. Processed foods often do not contain fresh vegetables, because fresh vegetables have a relatively low shelf life.


woman with fruits rejecting hamburger

Take control


If you really want to control the food that you put into your body, avoid being tempted by the food manufacturers, whose sole purpose is to make a profit by distributing food that is processed with sugars, salts and fats. All you have to do is go into the kitchen, roll up your sleeves and start investing in yourself.
Regardless of your personal preferences, it is important to note that the preparation of home-made food contributes not only to your health, but also to your bank account, because the cost of preparing home-cooked food is significantly lower than that of processed fast food.